Premium 300 Master Phone

The Depaepe Intercom System for Secure Waiting Areas has been specially developed to provide a simple, safe and reliable solution to Public Open Houses (ERP), which must comply with the requirements of fire safety regulations. In the event of an obligation to evacuate buildings, for example fire, this system allows people (including those with disabilities or reduced mobility) taking refuge in an EAS to establish intercom communication with the emergency services. This autonomous solution, wired in star and anti-vandal, is powered by the mains current, and is backed up by an AES, to ensure its continuity of service whatever the circumstances, even in the event of a power failure. The EAS Depaepe System consists of:

- a concentrator,

- an AES,

- a master station,

- reinforced PMR intercoms.

The Premium 300 master station is installed indoors, in a security PC, at reception, etc. It allows you to automatically make or receive calls, using its handset or full duplex hands-free, to or from EAS intercoms. On the Premium 300 display and with the caller identification function, it is possible to view from which EAS the incoming call is coming from. A directory and 10 direct-access memory keys allow a quick and easy call to the installation's EAS intercoms.


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