Platine HD Keyboard 1 Memory

Designed to be flush mounted, the platine HD is recommended for use in communications centers, dispatchers consoles and industrial racks.

The handset and the dialing panel are the only exposed parts and may be reached easily. The rest of the telephone is mounted below the console surface. Dimensions of the flush mount layout are identical to the ones of the previous model.
Surface mount installation provides a solution in locations where there is not enough depth for flush mount.
The platine HD can be desk or wall mounted.

A flashing ringer LED helps identifying the ringing platine when several are mounted close to each other.

Extra buttons (1 up to 4) can be used either for automatic memory dialing or for operating external features (striker door plates, relays, etc).


Data sheet

1 Memory


French Brochure

Download (401.98k)

English Brochure

Download (348.74k)

FR - EN User Manual

Download (934.96k)

11 different models are available:
Color: red or grey

Platine HD Clavier (with amplified speaker): tone / pulse dialing, with regular keypad. Adjustable handset volume control.

Platine HD Clavier 1, 2, 3 or 4 buttons: a combination of the 2 previous models : keypad and feature buttons.

Dimensions flush mount : 275 x 100 x 85 mm
surface mount : 275 x 100 x 92 mm

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