Eclat Ringer

The analogue buzzers and warning lights are powered by the ringing current only.
They have been designed so that installation, connection and adjustment operations can be carried out without opening the housing.
The Eclat Ringer produces a high intensity flash of light to locate the source of a call in a noisy environment, to replace a sound signal in premises requiring silence (recording studios, hospitals, etc.), or to help the hearing impaired.



English Brochure

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English Brochure

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FR - EN User Manual

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• Powered by the telephone line (no AC adaptor) with AC or DC signal.

• Works on AC from 30 up to 90 Volts and in DC from 30 up to 60 Volts.

• Dimensions : 100 x 74 x 42 mm.

• Weight : 90 g.

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