The Decibel SIP is an additional, powerful ringer (up to 107 dB) with an integrated high-intensity flashing light, which can be deployed on an SIP network (VoIP and ToIP servers).
The Decibel SIP is perfectly adapted to different environments: traditional offices, noisy settings, or spaces that require silence. The light signal can also be a great help for people with hearing impairments.
• Ringing tone on receipt of call, with 6 levels of volume control (up to 107 dB) and 8 customisable melodies; a melody can be assigned to a specific caller.
• Silent mode, ringer off.
• Flashing on receipt of call, with or without illumination in idle state.
• Permanent illumination.
• No illumination and no flashing.
• Additional dry contact.
- 2 Ethernet Internet/PC ports (bridge/router).
Easy connection and settings:
The connection and settings are accessible without opening the housing.


Data sheet

Warning Signal


French Brochure

Download (398.94k)

English Brochure

Download (398.88k)

FR - EN User Manual

Download (1.62M)

• PoE power supply - IEEE 802.3af.
• IPBX interoperability, SIP v2 protocol (RFC 3261).
• P2P mode.
• DHCP client – PPPoE - static @IP.
• Network Address Translation (NAT).
• Redundant server support (DNS - Proxy).
Date and time synchronisation by SNTP.
• Administrator and User password.
• TLS.
• Web interface configuration.
• Auto-provisioning via http - FTP - TFTP - HTTPS.
• Automatic firmware update.
• Additional dry contact.
- 2 Ethernet Internet/PC ports (bridge/router).
• Power consumption: 130 mA.
• Mobile or wall mounted.
• Dimensions: 151 x 81 x 33 mm.
• Weight: 350 g.

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