Series 6 Local Battery

Intended for communication and testing over dead (non-powered) wires, this test set has two main applications :
Local battery operation : Due to its 4 AA batteries, the unit is able to generate ringing current and to provide a talk mode communication linkwith a second Series 6BL connected at the other end.
It is perfectly suited for providind stand by or security communication (field installations, fire stations, hospitals, job sites, camping, etc). It is also a good solution when radio communication is no longer working or forbidden for security reasons.
Cable tracing : Each unit includes a tone generator. The signal is applied to the line with a third wire and it can be detected and identified at the other end through the adjustable loudspeaker of another Series 6BL connected at the other end of the cable. Detection is also possible by any other est set operating in 'Monitor mode'.
The combination of both operations, local battery communication and cable tracing plus long battery life and rugged construction make the Series 6 BL an ideal tool for splicer's, installers and technicians working in teams.
The Series 6BL comes with a carrying pouch and headset to allow hands-free use.



French Brochure

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English Brochure

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FR - EN User Manual

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• Tone generator
• Tone tracker
• Built in electronic ringer
• Modular line cord
• Spring loaded belt clip
• Exclusive non slip pad for shoulder rest.
• 4 AA field replaceable batteries (extra long autonomy).
• Easy and protected access to cord and battery field replacement.

Specially designed for use by installers, security personnel, repair technicians and other telecommunications personnel for installation and maintenance of telephone and security services, the Series 4 and Series 6 are professional tools that will meet the toughest demands of the field use.

Design and construction refer to quality and reliability :

• Impact resistant "thermoplastic" shells secured by 5 screws to withstand most severe treatments.

• Rubber gasket for rain and humidity protection.

• Ergonomic shape allowing one hand operation.

• Modular line cord for an easier field change terminated by bananas and clips.

• Strain relief design to eliminate separaion of the cordset from the test set and to avoid defective contacts.

• Cover protection of the modular connection to prevent from dust and corrosion.

• Spring loaded large belt clip.

• High or very impedance monitor mode.

• Electronic ringer.

• Microphone mute key for noisy locations.

• Leds polarity indication.

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