Series 630

At the top, the Series 630 was designed for operators and installers who care about the satisfaction of their customers. Providing high quality service requires no interruption of data signal and no confusion between analog and digital lines when monitored by the technicians.

To accomplish this, the Series 630 is equiped with a « SIGNALSHIELD'» feature which detects high frequencies and alerts the technician in the monitor mode. In case high frequencies (digital/inaudible spectrum) are detected, a red LED lights up and a timed (3 seconds), warning tone is emitted to alert the user of a data signal presence on the line.

Specially designed for use by installers, security personnel, repair technicians and other telecommunications personnel for installation and maintenance of telephone and security services, the Series 4 and Series 6 are professional tools that will meet the toughest demands of the field use.

Design and construction refer to quality and reliability :

Impact resistant "thermoplastic" shells secured by 5 screws to withstand most severe treatments.

Rubber gasket for rain and humidity protection.

Ergonomic shape allowing one hand operation.

Modular line cord for an easier field change terminated by bananas and clips.

Strain relief design to eliminate separaion of the cordset from the test set and to avoid defective contacts.

Cover protection of the modular connection to prevent from dust and corrosion.

Spring loaded large belt clip.

High or very impedance monitor mode.

Electronic ringer.



French Brochure

Download (639.85k)

English Brochure

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FR - EN User Manual

Download (795.95k)

Three one-touch and ten two-touch memories provide comfort and rapid access to automatic test systems or for dialing frequently called numbers

The alarm is immediately reinitialized each time a data signal is detected on the line.

The amplified speaker works in the Monitor mode and has a two level volume adjustment. It features a very high impedance monitor mode (above 120 KOhms) to prevent accidental interruption of data flow.

DSL filters allow technicians to test analog signals on DSL lines without disrupting or damaging data service.

The Series 630 also features a speakerphone for hands-free operation with a selection of two audio levels.

The Series 630 is powered by 4 AA batteries.

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