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    Analog telephone with Big Keypad marked in Braille
    Analog Big Keypad

• Those telephones are perfectly suited for the hard-hearing and for the visually impaired people :
- Big keypad with large digits and Braille dots (both for letters and digits)
- 2 sliding switches for adjusting incoming voice volume and tone (up to +30 db for the HD MAX and up to +40 db for the HD MAX AMPLI).
- Hearing aid compatible handset
- Extra loud ringer with 3 levels adjustment (up to +30 db with the HDMAX and up to +40 db for the HD MAX AMPLI)
- Visual ringing indicator on top and side of the base.

HD MAX is the standardmodel, it is fully line powered and it is able to provide up to +30 db amplification. Weight : 1,22 Kg.

HD MAX AMPLI adds a full hands-free speakerphone feature, it comes with an AC adaptor and it is able to provide up to +40 db amplification. Poids : 1,41 Kg.


Data sheet



French Brochure

Download (391.42k)

English Brochure

Download (393.44k)

FR - EN User Manual

Download (486.15k)

• 3 one touch memory keys
• 10 two-touch memory keys
• Off-low-high ringer volume setting
• Ringer pitch setting (high or low frequency)
• Last number redial (BIS)
• Hold key.
• R (flash) key
• Line powered
• Numérotation multifréquences
• Adjustable hook-flash (100-300 ms)
• Pause key
• Desk or wall mountable
• Color :white

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