Partner TX DECT-IP Antennas

Partner TX system is built around new IP/DECT bases delivering seamless handover allover the bases network, expendable from 1 up to 4000 bases and up to 16000 registered handsets.
IEEE1588 Lan and/or Air synchronization.

Bases are SIP, powered over Ethernet (PoE) or DC supply (optional), and DECT CAT-Iq HDSP (HD sound) compatible :
Up to 10 simultaneous conversations per base when using G.726/G.711 Codec.
Up to 5 simultaneous conversations per base when using CAT-iq - G.722 Codec.

Over the air synchronisation - supports software download to Partner RX wireless terminals.

Base range can be extended with repeaters (with a maximum of 3 repeaters per base). Installation of repeaters in chain or around base stations is possible :
Up to 4 simultaneous calls per repeater when using G.726/G.711 Codec.
Up to 2 simultaneous calls per repeater when using CAT-iq-G722 Codec.


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up to 4000 bases, 100 repeaters and 16000 handsets registered.

Base station: IEEE1588 Lan and/or Air synchronization,
up to 10 simultaneous conversations when using G.726/G.711, 5 CAT-iq wide band audio channels when using G.722, omni-directional range from 50 up to 300m, can be extended with repeater.

Repeater: up to 3 per base station, installation in chain or around base stations is possible, up to 4 simultaneous calls when using G.726/G.711 Codec, up to 2 simultaneous calls when using CAT-iq-G722 Codec.

Phonebook: 3000 central entries, complies with remote directory LDAP and/or XML.

DECT: GAP, CAT-iq 1.0, Wideband audio (HDSP), seamless handover and Roaming.

Frequency band: 1880 MHz – 1930 MHz, 4 power levels (14, 17, 20 and 24 dBm), authentication / encryption of base and handset.

Power supply: PoE 36-60 V - IEEE 802.3af (Class 2), or DC supply 5v-2A (optional), max power consumption 5w

Upgrade "over the air": support software download to wireless terminals.

Connection: RJ45, Ethernet 10/100 BASE-T IEEE 802.3.

Configuration/firmware download: TFTP, HTTP, HTTPS.

Network: IP v6, IP Sec, VLAN, DHCP options 66 and custom.

SIP: RFC3261 compliance
RFC2833 In-Band DTMF/Out of band DTMF support
RFC2976 The SIP INFO method
Digest/basic authentication
RFC3263, DNS SRV redundant server support
RFC3264 Offer/answer
RFC3326 The Reason Header Field for SIP
RFC3842, RFC3265 Message Waiting Indication, subscription for MWI events
RFC3892 SIP Referred-By Mechanism
RFC3960 Early Media and Ringing Tone
Generation in SIP
RFC 4028
RFC 3311

Installation : desk or wall mountable, 144x140x35mm, 400gr.

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